The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties Videos & Slides from Sessions 1 & 2

Below are the videos and slides from the 6 talks from Session 1 and Session 2 of our workshop The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties held on September 22 & 23, 2022. Session 1 speakers were: Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech), Richard Morey (Cardiff University), Stephen Senn (Edinburgh, Scotland). Session 2 speakers were:  Daniël Lakens (Eindhoven University of Technology),  Christian Hennig (University of Bologna), Yoav Benjamini (Tel Aviv University).  Abstracts can be found here and the schedule here. Some participant related publications are on this page.

The final 2 sessions of our online workshop (Sessions 3 and 4) will be held on Thursdays, Dec 1 and Dec 8, 2022 from 1500-1815 (London time) and 10am-1:15pm (New York City time).


Brief Intro to Session 1 by David Hand (Imperial College)

Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech):
The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties

Richard Morey (Cardiff University)
Bayes factors, p values, and the replication crisis

Slide show is posted on his webpage here.

Stephen Senn (Edinburgh)
The replication crisis: are P-values the problem and are Bayes factors the solution?

Session 1 Discussion


[Brief Intro to Session 2 by Stephen Senn (Edinburgh)]
Daniël Lakens (Eindhoven University of Technology)
The role of background assumptions in severity appraisal 

Christian Hennig (University of Bologna)
On the interpretation of the mathematical characteristics of statistical tests

Yoav Benjamini (Tel Aviv University)
The two statistical cornerstones of replicability: addressing selective inference and irrelevant variability

Session 2 Discussion

Meeting 7 (July 30)–Discussion of JSM 2020 Panel on P-values & “Statistical Significance”

All: On July 30 (10am EST) I will give a virtual version of my JSM presentation, remotely like the one I will actually give on Aug 6 at the JSM. Co-panelist Stan Young may as well. One of our surprise guests tomorrow (not at the JSM) will be Yoav Benjamini!  If you’re interested in attending our July 30 practice session* please follow the directions here. Background items for this session are in the “readings” and “memos” of session 5.

Members: Materials resulting from Meeting 7:

“Work of renowned UK psychologist Hans Eysenck ruled ‘unsafe’”, The Guardian (Oct 11, 2019) (LINK).

*unless you’re already on our LSE Phil500 list

JSM 2020 Panel Flyer (PDF)
JSM online program w/panel abstract & information):

Slides & Video Links for Meeting 7:




Meeting 6 (June 25)

VI. (June 25) BONUS MEETING: Power, shpower, severity, positive predictive value (diagnostic model) & a Continuation of The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties

There will also be a guest speaker: Professor David Hand:
      “Trustworthiness of Statistical Analysis”