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Topic: Current Controversies in Phil Stat (LSE, Remote 15:00 – 17:00; Thursdays 21 May-18 June)

Main Text SIST: Statistical Inference as Severe Testing: How to Get Beyond the Statistics Wars CUP, 2018)*:

Slides for each meeting will be on individual meeting posts on this blog.

I. (May 21)  Introduction: Controversies in Phil Stat: [Meeting 1 Blog Post; Slides: (PDF)]

SIST*: Preface, Excursion 1

Excursion 1 Tour I
Excursion 1 Tour II

*Note: The above are from proofs, participants have a copy of the book  Notes/Outline of Excursion 1 Postcard

II. (May 28) N-P and Fisherian Tests, Severe Testing: [Meeting 2 Blog Post; Meeting #2 Main slides (PDF) & Supplemental slides (Likelihoodist vs. Significance Tester w/ Bernoulli Trials) (PDF)]

SIST: Excursion 3 Tour I (focus on pages up to p. 152):

Recommended: Excursion 2 Tour II pp. 92-100

Optional: I will (try to) answer questions on demarcation of science, induction, falsification, Popper from Excursion 2 Tour II

HandoutAreas Under the Standard Normal Curve

III. (June 4) Deeper Concepts: Confidence Intervals and Tests: Higgs’ Discovery: [Meeting 3 Blog Post; Slides (PDF)]

SIST: Excursion 3 Tour III
(Strongly) Recommended (as much as interests you) Excursion 3 Tour II: It’s the Methods Stupid: Howlers and Chestnuts of Tests

IV. (June 11) Rejection Fallacies: Do P-values exaggerate evidence? Jeffreys-Lindley paradox or Bayes/Fisher disagreement: [Meeting 4 Blog Post; Slides: (PDF)]

SIST: Excursion 4 Tour II

Recommended (if time): Excursion 4 Tour I: The Myth of “The Myth of Objectivity”


V. (June 18) The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties: [Meeting 5 Blog Post; Draft Slides (PDF)]

SIST: Excursion 4 Tour III pp. 267-286; Farewell Keepsake pp. 436-444.  

-Amrhein, V., Greenland, S., & McShane, B., (2019). Comment: Retire Statistical Significance, Nature, 567: 305-308.

-Ioannidis J. (2019). “The Importance of Predefined Rules and Prespecified Statistical Analyses: Do Not Abandon Significance.” JAMA. 321(21): 2067–2068. doi:10.1001/jama.2019.4582

-Mayo, DG. (2019), P‐value thresholds: Forfeit at your peril. Eur J Clin Invest, 49: e13170. doi: 10.1111/eci.13170

Recommended (and fun) P-values on Trial: Selective Reporting of (Best Practice Guides Against) Selective Reporting


VI. (June 25) BONUS MEETING: Power, shpower, severity, positive predictive value (diagnostic model) & a Continuation of The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties: [Meeting 6 Blog Post; Mayo Slides (PDF) & Hand Slides (recorded power point)]

There will also be a guest speaker: Professor David Hand: “Trustworthiness of statistical analysis” (abstract).

SIST Excursion 5 Tour I (pp. 323-332; 338-344; 346-352),Tour II (pp. 353-6; 361-370), and

Recommended: What Ever Happened to Bayesian Foundations (Excursion 6 Tour I)


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Excerpts & Mementos on Error Statistics Philosophy Blog (I will link to items from excerpted proofs for interested blog followers as we proceed)

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DELAYED: JUNE 19-20 Workshop: The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties