II. (May 28): N-P and Fisherian Tests, Severe Testing: How to avoid fallacies of tests


SIST: Excursion 3 Tour I (focus on pages up to p. 152):

Recommended: Excursion 2 Tour II pp. 92-100 (Sections 2.4-2.7)

Optional: I will (try to) answer questions on demarcation of science, induction, falsification, Popper from Excursion 2 Tour II (Section 2.3)

(Use comments on this blog for queries we don’t get to in the seminar. The first comment you write is sent to moderation to be approved; after that it’s automatic.)

HandoutAreas Under the Standard Normal Curve

5 minute refresher on means, variance, standard deviations, and the Normal distribution, standard normal

General Info Items:  

-References: Captain’s Bibliography

SouvenirsMeeting 1: A-D;  Meeting 2 Souvenirs: (E) An Array of Questions, Problems, Models, (I) So What Is a Statistical Test, Really?, (J) UMP Tests, (K) Probativism

[Souvenirs from optional pages–they’re free: (F) Getting Free of Popperian Constraints on Language, (G) The Current State of Play in Psychology, (H) Solving Induction Is Showing Methods with Error Control]

-Summaries of 16 Tours (abstracts & keywords)

Excerpts & Mementos on Error Statistics Philosophy Blog

-Mementos from Excursion 2 Tour II: Falsification, Pseudoscience, Induction 2.3-2.7

Mayo Memos for Meeting 2:

5/27 Today (27 May) is the statistician Allan Birnbaum’s birthday. I put up a blogpost (on my Error Statistics Philosophy blog) with a volume on foundations of statistics that Synthese published in his honor in 1977.

5/27 Sam Fletcher’s review essay of my book SIST is up at the journal Philosophy of Science

Slides & Video Links for Meeting 2:

Meeting #2 main slides (PDF)

Supplemental slides (Likelihoodist vs. Significance Tester w/ Bernoulli Trials) (PDF)

Video: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/YgQcHOn3/zoom-_lecture_2_fmt1.ogv