Workshop (24-25 September 2021)-Readings & Background papers

Alexander Bird: (mini-bio)).

Mark Burgman: (mini-bio) March 25, 2021 Phil Stat Wars forum speaker, “How should applied science journal editors deal with statistical controversies?

  • Mark Burgman’s Draft Slides (pdf)

Daniele Fanelli: (mini-bio)

David Hand: (mini-bio)

Katrin Hohl: (mini-bio)

Daniël Lakens: (mini-bio) August 20, 2020 Phil Stat Wars forum speaker, “Preregistration as a Tool to Evaluate the Severity of a Test” (video & slides on Meeting 7 blogpost).

Deborah Mayo: (mini-bio)

  • “Don’t Throw out the Error Control Baby with the Bad Statistics Bathwater”, The American Statistician 70(2) (2016).
  •  “P-value Thresholds: Forfeit at Your Peril” European Journal of Clinical Investigation (2019) 49(10): e13170. DOI: 10.1111
  • “P-Values on Trial: Selective Reporting of (Best Practice Guides Against) Selective Reporting” Harvard Data Science Review 2.1 (2020).

Richard Morey: (mini-bio) September 24, 2020 Phil Stat Wars forum speaker, “Bayes factors from all sides: who’s worried, who’s not, and why”.

Stephen Senn: (mini-bio)

Jon Williamson: (mini-bio)